Industrial Installations

AIT’s industrial installations services ensure consistency, accuracy and quality in every stage of your manufacturing process.

If you manufacture machines, equipment or electrical instrumentation systems, effective industrial installations are essential to your operations. This is why we place at your disposal our Industrial Installations service. AIT guarantees accuracy and quality in every aspects of your manufacturing process.

Accuracy in Industrial Installations

We offer services industrial installations that are highly consistent with each stage of your processes - from prototyping and proof-of-concept until the project is completed. What is more, our design and automation-specialized engineering team offers complete installations and commissioning of your system, which allows you:

To ensure coherence and accuracy by leveraging the best installation technologies, processes and highly qualified staff members in every stage of your manufacturing process.

Our experts are systematically trained to improve efficiency, quality and detailed control of every stage of your project.

Industrial Installations

Leader in Industrial Installations

Industrial Installations

AIT is a worldwide leader industrial installations service provider.

As a leader industrial installations service provider in Argentina, we offer a unique experience. For that reason, when it comes to world-class installations services, AIT is the first option for a broad range of customers from different industries. Also, for your peace of mind, the entire job is done in accordance with pertinent standards, using the best techniques and methods of industrial installations.

Our Industrial Installations services include: Cable-laying and control centres (MCC), medium and low-voltage systems that imply programmable logic controllers (PLC) and digital distributed control systems (SDCD) for measuring electric demand.

Contact us now to discover how our industrial installations service can help you ensure consistency, accuracy and quality in every stage of your manufacturing process.

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