About Us

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We are a leading company with more than 30 years of experience in the Aerosol Industry in the field, extending our work to South America, Europe and Asia. We stand out in equipment design for quality control online. Over the years we have made automations, removals, and commissioning of fully complete lines, including Schuller, Hinterckopf, Herlan machines, among others. Our extensive experience allows us to achieve high quality standards in all services we offer, to stand out and differentiate nationally and internationally.


Our mission is to cover all industry branches in our country and abroad. In the automation market there are different customers with different needs. Some of them prioritize the costs due to necessity and others, invest much more money since they seek the best technology. But there are also, those customers who look for a suggestion, advice or council to feel accompanied by a reliable provider. That is why our mission is to work for all of them and develop excellence services that meet all their needs, and thus always be present, which is our best guarantee.


Our vision as a leader is to achieve recognition from our customers for the quality of our service and our commitment to what we do. Our main goal to achieve a quality policy has been reached. We are proud of our vision to all our customers, but it is also important to note that we can always improve. Relationships among our employees and their welfare are as important as the service we offer, so we encourage teamwork and always give our best. Our proposal is to provide a totally integrated service that includes the appropriate advice and execution of your projects, covering all tasks and allowing you to solve your needs with a single company, us.

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