Control Engineering

AIT’s Control Engineering services cover any type of engineering where industrial processes control is implicated. They consist of machine control or electric equipments with analogical and digital signals from any kind of control device; this includes but not limited to embedded controllers, programmable logic controllers (PLC) or remote terminal units (RTU). The latter is used when there are many remote sites that inform and update to a Monitoring Center (CMF).

Developments for a total production control

A complete control engineering system generally consists of, in the same equipment, the electronic control layer as described above and a software package in a computer, which allow human operators to interact with the equipment. This is usually known as a Human-Machine Interface (HMI) or Supervision Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA). These systems are normally the buttons, numerical adjustment points and displays that allow the operator to see exactly what is happening, including failures, state, flows, pressures, levels, or other relevant data for the industrial process. This allows rapid detection and diagnosis of failures and to have real-time information about the entire plant in only one place.

Control Engineering

Flexibility in every work environment

Control Engineering

AIT offers its Control Engineering services to all Argentinian companies that may need it. Depending on the project involved, we work together with your team members so that we manage to develop and tune-up the most appropriate control system for your business.

There are many control equipment manufacturers and providers. Luckily for our customers, at AIT we are qualified to handle the best brands. Since most of structure control providers meet with international ISO standards, the learning curve, usually is not difficult. However, every customer requires tailored solutions and every Control Engineering system that AIT offers are flexible, and can be adapted to varied environments and situations.

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